Batch File

Batch File allows you to make earn transactions with a standard CSV file

By using Batch File you can continuously reward users for their activity on your online and offline channels. Rewarding becomes as easy as uploading a CSV file to a SFTP server.

Getting started

  1. Begin by setting up your account.

  2. Once activated you can create an app to receive App-ID and secret SFTP credentials, so that you can start uploading your Batch Files.

  3. Create a CSV file which contains an entry for each transaction that you want to make.

  4. Connect to the Fanmiles SFTP server using a standard FTP client and upload the CSV file you created to the UPLOAD folder.

Additional Information

File Transfer

Fanmiles provides a SFTP server for downloading and uploading files. The SFTP server is accessible through the domain on port 8022. A scheduled job will move uploaded files immediately to the internal Fanmiles Loyalty platform. For downloading and uploading files you need a SFTP client. The Fanmiles SFTP server is based on a Unix System and is working with case sensitive syntax.

Error Handling

The CSV file cannot be processed In the case that there is an issue with the file structure or any other uncorrectable error, the complete file will not be processed and will be delivered back without any changes to the sender. In the event that this happens, the file must be corrected and sent again with the same filename.

Rows inside the CSV file cannot be processed In the case that a CSV file can be parsed correctly, it will pass through all rows and begin processing transactions. Records which lead to errors or that cannot be processed, will be added to a newly generated error answer file. These records will be annotated with an error code and error message. The records need to be corrected and uploaded to the Fanmiles SFTP server using a new filename.