The Fanmiles Connect lets users collect Fanmiles directly from your pages, platforms and apps.

Fanmiles Connect provides an easy way for people to sign up or login to your app with their Fanmiles account credentials. It also allows you to access account information such as the Fanmiles ID which would be difficult to collect through your own registration process. This convenient experience leads to higher conversion rates and allows you to immediately start rewarding people for their activities in your apps.

User experience

In order to have a great onboarding experience in your app it is essential that you first show the value of connecting with Fanmiles. It is important that people understand what they get after they connected with Fanmiles.


When a person logs into your app via Fanmiles Connect you can access a subset of that person’s data like the username and the Fanmiles ID. The person has to explicitly allow access to this profile data and can cancel the process.

Access and Open ID Tokens

After connecting through Fanmiles Connect an app will receive an access token for the connecting Fanmiles user. An access token is an opaque string that identifies a Fanmiles user. To ensure the privacy of a Fanmiles user it is required for all Fanmiles API calls to the /me endpoint. Access tokens must be obtained via Fanmiles Connect. The token includes information about when the token will expire and which app generated the token.

"id_token": "{jwt-token}",
"access_token": "{access-token}",
"expires_in": "7200",
"token_type": "Bearer"

Authentication Request with Implicit Flow

  1. Client prepares an Authentication Request containing the desired request parameters.

  2. Client sends the request to the Fanmiles Authorization Server.

  3. Fanmiles Authorization Server authenticates the End-User.

  4. Fanmiles Authorization Server obtains End-User Consent/Authorization.

  5. Fanmiles Authorization Server sends the End-User back to the Client with an ID Token and, if requested, an Access Token.

  6. Client validates the tokens and retrieves the Fanmiles ID and username.

Getting started

  1. Begin by setting up your account

  2. Once your account has been activated, create your app with the app name and at least one redirect URI, to obtain a valid client_id and client_secret (Note: The client_secret is not required for Fanmiles Connect but it is necessary for uploading transaction files to the Fanmiles SFTP server).

  3. Create the Fanmiles Connect Button following the Fanmiles CI and link them to the Fanmiles connect URL as described below.

  4. Implement the Fanmiles Connect authentication request in your app.

Fanmiles connect URL{appId}&response_type=id_token+token&nonce={partnerName}&scope=openid+profile&redirect_uri={url}