The Fanmiles platform is targeting a sports and entertainment focussed audience. Loyalty program partners can access these customers by selling products in the Fanmiles Reward Shop.

Sell your coupons on Fanmiles

Coupons on Fanmiles are codes, that will be redeemed by the customer and then sent to their email address as a digital coupon. Fanmiles takes care of this process, all you need to do is to add a list of coupons to your account and create a reward campaign, to communicate the coupon.

How it works

Step 1: Create a business account

  1. Create a business account on Uplyft and apply for the Fanmiles program

  2. Once activated, you will receive access to the reward shop backend AdFan

Step 2: Create your first list of coupons

  1. In AdFan click on the tab "codelists"

  2. Click on "+ new list"

  3. Fill in the required fields and either upload a list or generate a list of coupon codes

Step 3: Create a reward campaign

  1. In AdFan click on "+ New Reward"

  2. Choose offer type "Coupon"

  3. Fill in the required fields and make sure to link the created list under "codelists"

  4. Click "Save & close"

Reward campaigns will be published on the Fanmiles website and on the iOS and Android mobile app. They will be visible on your partner page[partnername]. They might also be communicated in other sections on the Fanmiles website or the apps or further communication channels.